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Directory Listing

More than a just online directory listing, we will have regular marketing campaigns to industry sectors who are your potential clients and business partners. For Premium and Star Package subscribers, you get complimentary advertising for employees, business partners etc.

Banner Advertisements

Maximise your online exposure through our banner advertisements at competitive prices.

Website Development

In today’s digital world, online presence is a must.  With our low cost packages, any small business can afford to build their website!

Proof reading of Business Documents

When English is not your first language, writing good business English can be a struggle.   We can proof read and improve on your correspondences so that you make an impression!


Need help to translate your corporate materials to maximise potential in new markets?

Reference Checks

Vet all your potential business partners and employees for a small price!  A small business cannot afford the risk of dealing with fakes!! It is a small price for very basic screening for authenticity and it is worth the investment.
If you are making investments, a standard due diligence is highly recommended for you to make informed decisions.


Need to do a bit a market survey, find out about your competition, or just general research into the new market for your growth?  We can help

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